Eye & Brow Brush Set

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Perfecting your eyes and brows, this 5-piece Brush Set effortlessly lines, defines, enhances and blends for the desired eye look every time.

Made with high-quality, vegan, synthetic fibres, allowing you to pack on a generous application of colour with these super-soft bristles that don’t shed or absorb the product.

All our brushes are crafted from luxuriously soft, vegan, synthetic fibres that easily apply powder, liquid or cream products onto the skin for that seamlessly airbrushed finish. The hairs are pre-crimped to mimic traditional animal hair and to ensure the brushes hold enough product for consistent application.

issada makeup brushes

BROW BRUSH: Great for filling in brows and applying eyeliner with precision
SOFT SMUDGE BRUSH: Designed to pack colour along the lash line and blend/smudge eyeliners
TAPERED SHADOW: An ultra-fluffy brush that is great for blending and diffusing colour.
CLASSIC SHADOW BRUSH: A densely packed brush, great for applying and packing colour onto the lid
BROW SPOOLIE: To comb your brows into shape