Acne-prone Moisturiser

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The new Issada Acne-Prone Moisturiser is once again an all star product with active ingredients that include Bisabolol to reduce irritation and redness; Ginger Root Extract to maintain collagen production support healing and help to reduce the formation of acne scarring; Epidermal Growth Factor to help improve the quality of the skin and, by extension, improve its natural exfoliation process and reduce skin cell build-up and blocked pores. Willow Bark Extract to soothe irritated skin, provide antibacterial properties, and help to unclog pores; Bakuchiol - Considered a “more natural alternative” to Retinol. Just like retinol it increases cell turnover, and evens out skin tone and texture, but without the irritation and photosensitivity that can be caused by retinol. Also packed with Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip oil and Silica to absorb excess oil on the skin.