Calm Balm
Calm Balm
Calm Balm - Issada Mineral Cosmetics & Clinical Skincare
Calm Balm
Calm Balm
Calm Balm - Issada Mineral Cosmetics & Clinical Skincare

Calm Balm

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Calm Balm Mineral Primer uses colour-correcting green Mineral pigments neutralise redness, soothe skin, mattify and minimise pores and even out skin tone on contact.

Designed to be worn alone or applied before makeup to prepare skin for the ultimate foundation application. Helps to ensure your makeup glides on smoothly and stays flawless for longer. 

Quick announcement: New Calm Balm formula!

As of today, all Calm Balm leaving the warehouse will be the new formula. Samples were sent out to various people/places around September/October last year, and the feedback was excellent, so I’m sure people will love it!

Some of the ‘actives’, so to speak, in the product are the same:

- Squalane: moisturises, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and helps regulate oil production on the skin.

- Grapefruit oil: brightens the skin, can shrink pores and smells really nice.

- Rose oil: moisturising, soothes, and calms skin.

- Witch hazel: reduces redness and irritation of the skin.

However, it also has the addition of Rice Starch (anti-ageing, skin-brightening, and mattifying effects), Pomegranate oil (anti-ageing, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties), and Shea Butter (anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties).

Finally, the colour has slightly changed, leaning a bit more on the ‘minty’ side of green than the previous formula. The long-story-short explanation for why I made that change is that it helps cancel out a wider range of inflamed skin tones, giving the skin a calmer appearance.



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