Issada 15-Piece Brush Set Guide

Use and Application 

With Issada Makeup Artist Alannah Pritchard 


  1. Buffer Foundation brush, This brush is fantastic to use for applying your foundation. Great for liquids/crème textures e.g. (mineral velvet/pro stick or cc8) Can apply in circular buffing motions or stroke/feathering application pending desired coverage. 
  1. Large Powder brush - Great for dusting on light/medium density of  powder & applying bronzer to face/neck and décolletage.
  1. Blush Brush - Ideal for applying blush to apples of the cheeks, can also be used as a more dense foundation powder brush if you prefer a more medium/full coverage. Also great for applying crème blushes!
  1. Large angle brush - Great contour brush! Also can be used for applying blush, pressing powders to Tzone. 
  1. Large bullet brush- Excellent highlight brush- high points of cheeks/tzone etc. Also great to use to contour/define cheek bones.
  1. Medium bullet brush - Bit of a allrounder this one! I like for concealing under eyes as well as eye primer on the lids. Also a good socket brush for eyeshadows.
  1. Flat small defining brush - Great for applying eye shadow under lash line, or more crisp line on top. Can be used to carve under brows.
  1. Small angle brush - eye shadow brush, brow bone highlight applicator.
  1. Small bullet brush - eyeshadow. Great for inner corner shadow or more defined socket line & can be used blending shadow under lash line.
  1. Shadow applicator - Great for pressing eyeshadow to the mobile lid. Best applied in pressing motion. 
  1. Socket Brush - Great for blending eyeshadow through socket of eyes. Great to apply transition/contour eyeshadow colour for a smooth “no-harsh lines” finish. 
  1. Socket Brush - Same as above.

*NOTE*- number 11 & 12- you will notice looking down on brush one is more teardrop and the other is more rounded. The Tear drop will keep socket colour more closer to crease line and better for a more cat-eye or to extend colours out to get that almond shape. The round is great if you want your colour taken a little higher-great for a night time or more Smokey appeal. Both Fantastic!

  1. Soft socket brush – Can be used same way as number 9 (small bullet), you will notice this brush though is more softer and not as dense. Therefore will pick up less product. Better for a more natural density of colour pay off, where as number 9 will be stronger.
  1. Small angle brush - Eye liner, Brows, lips, defined shadow application to top or bottom lash line.
  1. Eyeliner brush- Great for gel liners to create defined finish! Also great for waterline & can be used for lips.