Our Cream-gel, mineral enriched semi-matte studio formula leaves the complexion smooth, even, and photo-perfect! 

This foundation is a great multi-tasking and versatile product, offering pro-strength buildable coverage & longevity.

Lightweight & versatile, prostick is a perfect foundation on its own, a cream contour, cream matte highlighter and a concealer where that extra coverage is needed for scaring, pigmentation and to hide areas of concerns.

Mineral Prostick Application

Infused with botanicals, antioxidants & minerals, this product is suitable for all skin types. Easy to apply, perfect for on the go and professional application. 

Contouring is a makeup artist’s most powerful weapon. A contour colour should be a skin-toned hue, a few shades darker than the natural foundation shade. Prostick is the perfect formula for contouring. When applied correctly, darker colours recede, or ‘push back’ areas of the face. 



Apply to areas where you want to accentuate the structure of the face. Contour areas like the hollows of the cheeks (to create a more pronounced cheekbone), down the sides of the nose (to slim a wider nose), or around the border of the face (to achieve an oval face shape). 

A contour colour should never be shimmery, and not too dark, or it will look unnatural. Cream Contouring will always achieve a natural/blended and flawless finish on the skin.

Face sculpting and correcting using contouring and highlighting techniques uses the placement of

Three shades, which are then blended to perfection.

1) The first colour should match the skin exactly, known as your foundation shade. It is the client’s true foundation colour.

2) The second shade is the contour colour and should be one to two shades darker (or to desired depth & undertone) than the selected foundation. This will deepen the skin tone and help your client’s complexion look healthier and warmer. It also adds dimension and depth to the face, by receding contoured areas. A contour shade MUST be a natural skin tone and MUST NOT be shimmery.

3) The third colour is highlighter, which is lighter than your client’s true foundation. This helps to give your client’s face more dimension by bringing highlighted areas of the face forward. Choose this by selecting 2-3 shade lighter prostick or alternatively use our Glostick for a more shimmer/ gloss look.

Note: Always be mindful as well when selecting which areas to highlight in accordance to your clients face shapes and desired look that where a highlight is applied it will bring focus to that area. If the area of skin you need to apply is a concern area using a matte highlight over a shimmer will be more flattering/ forgiving.

Remember: Shimmering products will always bring focus to that area, so use on great cheek bones but not on areas where you prefer to have no attention. Similarly, matte will be more flattering on problem areas.

Depending on your face shape, or the specific areas you wish to disguise contour and highlights will be placed in different areas. Here are some general guidelines but why not experiment using the Issada Prosticks - click here for your nearest stockist

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For the coverage lover:
Because Prostick is applied prior to setting your foundation with powder it also needs to be slightly more intensified the desired intensity as once the powder is applied to set your liquid work it will naturally lighten the appearance and depth on contoured/shaded areas. Because the powder is also being applied on top it will generally also give a more subtle and seamless appearance when applied  correctly.

Pro tip: Set your cream contour work with a powder contour product for more depth eg: Sand/ Earth/ Mineral matte/ Mineral Baked or for a summer feel-beach babe.