Your shortcut to long-wearing eye makeup

Want to know the secret to long wearing makeup?
Our innovative Antioxidant Shadow Magnet is the perfect solution.


It conceals - Creating the perfect blank canvas to apply your eye shadows and eyeliner to, perfectly disguising pigmentation and imperfections on the eyelid.  

It primes
- Actively holding onto – with magnet like strength - your eye makeup keeping it perfectly in place all day, without creases - just a continuous smooth, long-lasting effect.

It treats - Working like an eye treatment containing Lecithin and Vitamin E to protect the delicate eyelid with antioxidants, fighting aging while creating a powerful barrier between the skin and your eye shadow.

The fast-drying, indelible formula allows shadow to glide on and makes it easy to achieve budge-proof, smudge-proof, crease proof eye artistry.
Antioxidant Shadow Magnet enables extremely long wearing eye makeup, which creates the perfect perfect tool to set your eye makeup in hot climates, and for events such as weddings and formals – in fact any occasion where you want to look as good at the end of the day or night as you did at the beginning.

Paraben free, gluten free and vegan, Antioxidant Shadow Magnet improves the appearance of ‘crepey’ skin, covers and conceals redness, veins or age spots.  The crème-gel formula, in a flesh-toned tint, delivers a flawless smooth eyelid, acting as a concealer for days when you don’t want to wear makeup.

HOW TO USE: Scrape out a small amount of Shadow Magnet with a spatula and apply to your eyelids with a brush, paying particular attention to the corner of the eye – the first place where makeup will smudge or wear due to moisture or where dark shadows lurk.

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