Issada Cosmetics

Have you ever painted a fence or a room in your house without priming first?

If you have, you will know that you cannot expect a great result without first removing the flaking paint and debris and then applying a great primer!

Our skin is much the same. We apply a coat of Makeup and powder over our face and then wonder why it settles into fine lines or open pores and can appear patchy by lunchtime!

 An under-makeup primer unifies your skin to ensure all the texture is the same and allows for an even and smooth makeup application, helping it last longer and stay in place!

Now that’s worth priming for!

Issada’s Canvas Primer is developed for all skin types and has beautiful pampering ingredients like Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Jojoba.

Also great for dehydrated skin, Issada Canvas Primer provides a skin-nourishing and hydrating finish while creating a barrier between your skin and your Makeup to secure longevity and hydration.

Have concerns with redness? Oil? Or a more problematic skin texture?

Issada’s Calm Balm Primer is your secret weapon against redness, open pores, and shine! Key ingredients are Rose Extract, Witch Hazel, Grapefruit, and Minerals.

You can honestly see and feel the skin instantly calm, and relaxed and have an anti-redness effect immediately upon application.

For those who notice redness/rosacea peeking through Makeup during the day, Calm Balm Primer will ensure your Makeup stays flawless all day!

Issada’s primers care for your skin and improve it day by day, making them a must-have product to add to your makeup bag!  

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