ISSADA: Where Clean Beauty and Eco Concious Packaging Unite

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ISSADA’s values for clean cosmeceuticals and being ethically conscious extend all the way to our environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

From our door to yours, we prioritise our environmental impact when packing all our products.

One of the ways in which we do this is by using biodegradable pellets called Biofill to protect your products while in transit.

We use these pellets in your package to protect the products from moving in transit, reducing the chance of damage or breakage while they are on their way to you. Because Biofill is starch-based and fully biodegradable in compost and on exposure to water, it is completely eco-friendly.

ISSADA’s aim is to not only help our planet but also have a net positive impact. In the same way, we are passionate about delivering clean cosmeceuticals we are just as passionate about being eco-friendly to our environment.

We also use recyclable bottles and boxes.

Watch our Biofill Demonstration