PiscesPISCES: February 19 – March 20

The Gemstone: Sapphire

The Life: Pisces gems are wildly creative, artistic and affectionate. They usually possess a vivid imagination and friendly disposition – in fact, the typical Pisces can’t stand confrontation, and will use their great sense of humour to deflect tension.

The Look: Whimsical, shimmery textures flatter the Pisces Gem, so opt for cheek colours and highlighters with plenty of luminosity. Aquatic blues and greens are a must-try, and the Pisces’ artistic side wears a red lip to perfection.




The film industry’s night of nights doubled as an endless source of fashion and beauty inspiration – the who’s who of Hollywood showed us a colour forecast of what we’ll be wearing throughout Australian Autumn/Winter 2016.

Our LA-based marketing coordinator, Alex, served as Issada’s Oscar’s 2016 trend correspondent on the ground, scouring the red carpets (and even making it to Leo’s post-Oscar’s bash) to bring you the 4 key Oscars-inspired colour trends to embrace this season, and the products you’ll need to get the look!

IMG_8226 IMG_8230 IMG_8224 IMG_8225



The Gemstone: Amethyst

The Life: Aquarian Gems are free-spirited, original, whip-smart, and think outside the box. Aquarians are often eccentric and different, but also cool, calm and collected – which makes them incredibly magnetic, captivating and intriguing to those who encounter them.

The Look:  As a water sign, oceanic blues and cool purples work beautifully on Aquarian eyes and nails. Aquarians look their most beautiful when they embrace their individuality rather than following the latest trend, so opt for makeup looks that enhance your natural beauty, rather than trying to dramatically change or transform it.