Lashed Up

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It's time to get LASHED UP with our 100% Vegan, faux mink false eyelashes!

Whether your desired look is natural, full glam, flirty or you have that special occasion penciled in your diary, we've got you covered.

 All of our lashes are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Reusable 
  • Lash glue not included – sold separately on our website 

Say hello to our 4 goddesses...


The Special Occasion Lash! These lashes are perfect for elongating and defining the eyes. In comparison to Freya, these lashes are slightly thicker & darker densities however more sparse.

Staggered lash, with more emphasis on long/medium lashes. Will suit all eye shapes and create a more almond, elongated eye.



The ultimate glam lash! Great for a night look or that more WOW factor!

Lots of great definition, volume & depth. Staggered lash (mixture of lengths to the bar) will suit all eye shapes! Fluffy/wispy feel.



The perfect natural lash. These lashes are a beautiful day look lash or for a natural lash-lover.

Not too long, but creates elongation and depth in all the right places. Will give a more “cat-eye” almond shape. Suitable for all eye shapes



The soft, fluttering full lash.

Each lash has a soft fine density that creates a full but soft finishing look. Staggered length lashes, suitable for all eye shapes, Will leave lashes looking individualise, effortless, and a really pretty natural feel.



The Super Fluffy Lash, Occasion Lash!

Subtly criss-crossed to create length and volume. These fluttery lashes naturally open the eyes, giving a mesmerizing edge. Suitable for all eye shapes.