Simple Ageless Beauty Tips

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From your 30’s through to your 90’s characteristics of expression and life experience appear on your face. Understanding these characteristics helps us to understand different makeup application techniques and which products we can use to look fresh and vibrant with a healthy complexion at every age.
‘Ageless beauty’ is something we can all achieve with the right choices of skincare and makeup (especially when your mineral makeup products double as a skin treatment formulas!)
Here are our tips and top makeup choices for beautiful skin and a fresh glow at any age. 
Complexion is key and getting the right finish is vital. Start by creating a plump, smooth base with a nourishing primer (Canvas Primer for everyday wear or Calm Balm if you have any redness to address). For a super-lightweight foundation with anti-aging ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid and vitamins A, C and E, try Issada CC8 Cream.
If you want an added luminous glow to the skin and a little more coverage, apply Issada Luminous Loose Foundation to set your CC8 Cream with a soft brush. For those mature skins who fear using powder products, try Issada Mineral Baked Foundation. This is a unique product in that it begins as a liquid foundation and is then baked to a powder. The result is a smooth powder foundation that does not dry the skin, feel heavy or accentuate lines and wrinkles.
TIP: Always match your foundation shade to your chest.


Blush instantly breathes life into any complexion. Try a universally flattering peachy/apricot shade. Work against gravity by applying your blush on the upper part of your cheekbones. Our recommended shades are either Issada Lip and Cheek Cream in Mango Frappe or Issada Mineral Baked Blush in Champagne DiamondBoth achieve a very warm ‘glow from within’ look.


Of course, a good night’s sleep is the best option, but a good under-eye concealer can go a long way. Brighten the under-eye area with Issada Mineral Liquid Light. To disguise the look of red or tired eyes use Issada Buff Corrector Pencil on the waterline. This will instantly remove redness and open the eyes. Another eye opener is Issada Shadow Magnet, a clever shadow base that can also be worn alone. It will even out skin tone, removing redness and cover veins to give the eye lid a youthful wide-awake appearance.
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour (be as playful as you please), just a few tips.
 Keep shimmery eye shadow for areas of the eye that do not have fine lines, such as the brow bone or inner corners of the eye. Use a subtle colour palette to help contour, lift and define the eyes. For a little bit more definition and drama, apply Issada Mineral Ultimate Eye Liner into your upper lash line. This technique will make the eyes look larger and lashes will look fuller. Black can start to look harsh as we get older, so try brown, grey, navy, plum or olive eyeliner shades.

Lashes and brows

Framing the face is so important and the two defining elements are your lashes and brows. Even on the lightest of makeup days, a defined brow and light coat of mascara gives a refined look. Issada Brow Blender Pencil can be used as a pencil or applied with a brush for a softer brow powder application. You don’t have to re-shape the brows, but make sure to fill in any sparse gaps for that defined and finished look. Eyes will also look more youthful and larger with a coat of Issada Protein Mascara.


A full soft and supple lip suits every age. Start by using Issada Mineral Ultimate Lip Liner to outline and fill in the lips. These pencils are hydrating and glide on easily to avoid bleed. Line the border of the lip or the outer edge for a fuller look.
Matte lipsticks and the nude lip look can age anyone. Issada Mineral Cream Lipstick will deliver strong long-lasting pigment with a creamy hydrated finish. Another tip is to apply a slightly lighter shade of lipstick to the centre of the lips or some Issada Mineral Gloss to increase the appearance of volume.


Treat your skin to active ingredients that will help to plump, smooth and hydrate. Our top anti-ageing skincare products are Pure Hyaluronic Serum, Overnight Hydrating Masque, 1% Retinol Serum and daily Sheer Defence SPF50+ to keep sun damage and wrinkles at bay for longer. 


  • Elisabeth

    At 55, the interior decorating mantra ‘less is more’ is sooo true! As an elementary scientist in lo❤️e with Issada quality, this is so true! A couple of key products, & I look & feel $1M. Why SHOULD excellent make-up be different from excellent skin-care?!!!

  • Julie Dolman

    This is so helpful . Sometimes its hard to navigate through the myriad of makeup products out there these days!
    Right I’m going to buy some Hyaluronic acid , Retinol and Luminous loose powder!

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