Define your eyes above the mask


Image credit Stas Komarovski. MUA Cyndle K for Allure.

With an increasing number of people across Australia wearing masks as part of normal everyday life, it’s time to find the joy in creativity by experimenting with eye makeup.

Normally when speaking to people we subconsciously flick between looking at the eyes and the mouth for communication clues through expression and movement. So, when communicating while wearing masks, are we now only connecting with the eyes?

Wearing a mask certainly sets a focus on your eyes to express your feelings, to form a connection with people while physically distancing.  So, it’s a great opportunity to switch up your makeup routine and put a spotlight on beautifully defined eyes.


When we are babies we are born with natural definition, represented with thick lashes, smooth skin and bright whites of the eyes. So, it is no surprise then that beautiful eyes start with well-shaped, well defined lashes and eyebrows. This can be as simple as lush lashes and a sweep of eyeshadow through to spectacular winged liner and a full spectrum of colour.

Eye Primer

The ultimate no-budge, no crease eye-primer is Shadow Magnet. Eyeshadow particles, and even eyeliner, cling to this indelible base with magnet-like strength. It also treats and protects the delicate eyelid with antioxidants while you wear it.

Baked Shadows

Mineral Baked Shadows come in a range of single, duo and trio colour compacts, delivering rich mineral pigments fused with natural skin-loving ingredients.


Brows, Lashes + Liner

Our brow blender pencils shape and sculpt your brows with a soft powder finish, while our gel protein-enriched mascara will assist in thickening and lengthening the lashes. Eyeliner is as individual as you are, so take your pick from the Indelible Gel Liner or Felt Tip Liner for liquid precision or choose from 15 unique pencil shades in our Ultimate Eye Liner collection. There is fun to be had and an option for every look.

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