Brush Brilliance - Superior Brush Technologycircle

Australian owned, designed and made. Developed due to a genuine need by professional makeup artists to have superior quality, more durable and technologically advanced tools.

Engineered specifically to utilize the durability & resilience of solid aluminium. Issada brush handles are made from the same aeronautical material used in aircraft landing gear! Strength and durability in combination with the benefit of added weight for an ultimately superior makeup brush.

Ergonomically balanced for comfort, increased efficiency and improved brush stroke control. Designed to structurally & aesthetically withstand the pressures of constant use, and sterilisation.

Superior quality 100% natural hairs from Canada and Russia are used in Issada brushes. Each brush contains sable, pony, squirrel or goat hair and is shaped for ease of application and blendability.

Our aluminium handles can be completely disinfected using hospital grade alcohol without any damage to the exterior appearance of the brush. In comparison, enamel coated, plastic or wooden handled brushes  which disintegrate speedily as a result of contact with any disinfectant.

Issada brushes, unlike wooden or plastic handled brushes, will maintain their original shine and sleekness for LIFE simply by an occasional buff with metal polish. Our brush handles are made of an aeronautical material stronger than steel. Truly unique for the beauty industry!  

We guarantee that our brush handles will not chip, crack, swell, snap or stain. If by regular & careful use adhering to our “brush care” instructions any handle damage does occur, we will fully replace damaged items with new goods.

(Please note that this warranty covers only goods purchased at full retail price
and does not extend to ferrule or bristle damage).