The Gemstone: Amethyst

The Life: Aquarian Gems are free-spirited, original, whip-smart, and think outside the box. Aquarians are often eccentric and different, but also cool, calm and collected – which makes them incredibly magnetic, captivating and intriguing to those who encounter them.

The Look:  As a water sign, oceanic blues and cool purples work beautifully on Aquarian eyes and nails. Aquarians look their most beautiful when they embrace their individuality rather than following the latest trend, so opt for makeup looks that enhance your natural beauty, rather than trying to dramatically change or transform it.


 Valentine’s Day is tomorrow #Gems – so Issada CEO Founder Fiona is sharing her top 3 tips for ultimate date night makeup!
  • What does your makeup say about you?

Your makeup is an extension of your outfit on date night – so think about what your look says about you! Makeup is a great way to express yourself and give hints of your personality in the early dating stages of a new relationship, or an equally great way to transform your look, keep things interesting and give your long time love a nice surprise!

A smokey eye says sultry, a red lip says bold, a feline flick says classic sophistication, a perfect brow says attention-to-detail, a rosy cheek says innocence, a radiant complexion says you’re health-focussed – so think about what elements of your personality and lifestyle you want to play up, using the medium of makeup!

  • Complexion perfection

A youthful, radiant complexion is a must on a hot date! Exfoliate and do a pampering mask (but don’t try anything new right before your hot date, go with something you know your skin’s reaction to!) Then moisturise, and primer before your foundation is a must (Issada Canvas Primer, $69). Don’t go overboard on the contouring and highlighting for a date look. We all love it for editorial and flash photography, but not so much over an intimate dinner table – and ESPECIALLY not for a daytime date. The best kind of date night skin is a natural glow from within. This is really easy to achieve with a dab of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks – a never fail go to is Issada Mineral Lip and Cheek Cream in Mango Frappe, $45 – it works on EVERYONE and gives a soft, healthy flush to cheeks that looks irresistible!

  • Kiss-proof your lips

Prep your lips with a scrub, then line and fill them in with Issada Ultimate Lipliner, $38 – it’s a mineral gel formula that doesn’t smudge, bleed, fade or feather – then opt for a super long-lasting and lip softening Mineral Lip Crayon, $48. Between eating, sipping, talking and maybe even kissing, your lip colour needs to withstand a multitude of challenges on a date. You need a lip that stays looking fresh all day and night, but still remains soft, supple and hydrated.

A lot of today’s super long wearing formulas can tend to set like concrete and be extremely drying – so while the pigment might last, your lips probably won’t be looking very kissable in a few hours! You need something that offers the incredible lasting power of mineral pigment, but also softens and keeps lips feeling plump and hydrated, and Mineral Lip crayons are perfect!


Issada Mineral Lip Crayon Group Shot 1




THE LIFE: Capricorns are driven, motivated and ambitious! They love structure and avoid anything too risky. Capricorns have to finish what they start and are highly self-sufficient.

THE LOOK: Capricorn Gems love a classic, versatile look that can go from day to night. Beauty staples like neutral taupe eye shadows, gel eyeliner and nude lips are must-haves in the Capricorn makeup collection. Consider adding a pop of neon on nails for a vibrant splash of excitement!

MEET THE TEAM: Sarah Fischer, Issada Retail Manager



Q: Take us through your job – what does a day in the life of Sarah Fischer look like?

SF: No two days are ever the same, there’s a lot of variety in my role, which I love! I split my time between our Issada Concept Stores in Bulimba and Brisbane City, and our Head Office and Training Facility, also in Bulimba. I do everything from staff training and development, visual merchandising, budgets and targets, stock forecasting and ordering, conduct team meetings, internal brand communication, devising and implementing in-store promotions, workshops and events, and then also makeup application for weddings, formals, special occasions, backstage makeup for runway shows and fashion events.

Q: What attracted you to the Issada brand initially?

SF: Initially I was intrigued, because at the time it was a brand new luxury makeup store that popped up in my hometown of Brisbane – I had to know more! And the more I learned, the more there was to love!

Q: What is it that’s kept you here for all these years?

SF: First of all, my amazing loyal clients. Some I have known for 7 years and they’re now dear friends of mine. I have been with our CEO/Founder Fiona since the very beginning. Having been involved so early on and having watched the brand evolve from humble beginnings into the mineral makeup powerhouse it is today, I’m very invested – Issada is like my family.

Q: If you could only take 3 Issada products to a desert island, what would they be and why?

SF: I don’t know if I could ever narrow it down to three! But if I have to…

  • Mineral Baked Foundation in Cassata to give me a semi-matte light refractive coverage, even out my skintone and provide me with mineral sun protection
  • Brow Blender in Dark Taupe to give me some face-framing arches
  • Protein Mascara in Onyx to condition and treat my lashes and define them at the same time

Q: What is your favourite thing about your job?

SF: Helping people feel special and beautiful – its so rewarding. When you do makeup, especially on regular clients, you become a part of some of their biggest and most special occasions and milestones; formals, 21sts, weddings and that’s really special.

Q: What does it take to be a great Retail Manager?

SF: To be a great retail manager you need great communication skills and strong leadership skills, and you need to be super organised. You need to be incredibly passionate and believe wholeheartedly in the brand you’re representing – how can you motivate your team otherwise?! You have to genuinely find joy in providing people with an exceptional customer service experience. And finally, you need to set a great example for team members to follow, and create a positive, motivating, encouraging and nurturing culture in your store.

Q: What advice would you give to any aspiring makeup artists who want to work for Issada?

SF: Aside from the obvious ones like complete a makeup qualification and get some retail experience – I would say research and be passionate about the Issada brand and have an interest in skin health, skin care, ingredients and formulas.

Q: What is your go-to, never fail, favourite makeup look?

SF: My go-to is a bronzed goddess look! I love a strong contour and highlight, a defined brow, a bronze smokey eye and a nude lip.

Q: As a retail manager you spend a lot of time in the Bulimba community – name your second favourite store on Oxford Street (after Issada of course) and your favourite restaurant?

SF: My favourite store on Oxford Street is Frankie and the Fox, and my favourite restaurant is The Jetty.

Q: Take us through your skincare regime?

SF: My essentials are:

Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Remover

Elemis Pro Cleansing Balm

Elemis Lavender Toner

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Elemis Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment

Q: What’s the number one most requested makeup look you get asked for in store?

SF: A brown/bronzey smokey eye with perfect winged eyeliner – and a flawless complexion of course, with contouring!

Q: Who is your number one celebrity beauty icon and why?

SF: I typically gravitate towards dark features and tanned skin so my number one beauty icon would have to be Kim Kardashian. Her makeup is always perfection, especially her brows and contour.




THE LIFE: A Sagittarius is optimistic and positive; they are great at finding the silver lining every situation. Sagittarius Gems are loyal and make for great besties!

THE LOOK: Sagittarius Gems rock pastel hues to perfection, and look amazing with a fresh, glowy complexion. Consider experimenting with lip and nail colours in soft lilac and orchid tones.



BEHIND THE SCENES: Manning Cartell x Commonwealth Bank

Check out our behind-the-scenes action from backstage at last week’s Manning Cartell runway show for Commonwealth Bank, hosted and compered by super stylist Di Cant. The Issada Creative team collaborated with the Australian design duo as their exclusive makeup partner for this fabulous event. The brief? Luminous & natural. No makeup-makeup at its finest! To get the look with Issada you will need:

CC8 Cream
Mineral Loose Foundation Powder
Luminiser Stick in Pearl
Mineral Baked Eyeshadow in Sugar
Mineral Baked Blush in Champagne Diamond

Baked Velvet in Sand
Baked Velvet in Earth
Ultimate Eyeliner in Mythology
Protein Mascara in Onyx

Luxury Lipstick in Goddess

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Carla Zampatti Book Launch

As part of Bond University’s Entrepreneurial Women Leadership Series, Australian fashion icon Carla Zampatti launched her new book ‘My Life, My Look’ to Queensland followers at a stunning marquee lunch and runway parade at Victoria Park Golf Complex – with makeup by her go-to glam team at Issada, as always! Hosted by super-stylist Di Cant, the show featured Carla’s latest collection and some unique archive pieces. Fitting – as she celebrates the 50th anniversary of her enduring fashion house in Australia. Proceeds from this fabulous event raised money for international charity Same Sky, offering practical support to HIV positive women who have survived the Rwandan genocide.

The official Carla Zampatti ‘My Life, My Look’ face chart with all product details to get the look is coming soon!





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THE LIFE: Scorpio women can be passionate, wild and emotional. Scorpios typically possess a strong, magnetic and dominant energy that attracts other A-type personalities who can go toe-to-toe.

THE LOOK: With their powerful aura, Scorpios pull off vampy, sultry, edgy looks with ease. Play up your eyes with a rich and intense brown smokey eye, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a bold lip. Scorpios can handle both (even at the same time)!


Check out all the behind the scenes action from the recent 25th anniversary of Bliss Fashion Emporium! It was truly was a red-carpet fashion extravaganza. If we could describe it in three words? HIGH OCTANE GLAMOUR. The Royal Pines Resort played stage to a full-scale European style fashion show, along with burlesque performers and dancers, to celebrate this iconic Gold Coast fashion destination.

As makeup sponsors, the Issada Creative Team collaborated with Bliss designer Sonia Stradiotto on a makeup look to match the anniversary collection, which was inspired by the excess of 80s Hollywood glamour. The cornerstone of the look? Dark smokey eyes incorporating emerald green, with lashes galore!

We’ve included face charts here so you can check out the Issada products you’ll need to get the look. Enjoy ‪#‎Gems‬!11997321_10153317739968323_705280264_n 11998377_10153317740513323_1832129880_n 11998458_10153317740023323_1094741144_n 12007019_10153317745533323_936091885_n 12021722_10153317735803323_46048959_n 12023210_10153317740133323_1817395065_n 12025356_10153317740168323_2045296551_n 12026592_10153317741123323_1591782405_n 12047414_10153334673923323_442546267_n IMG_2780 IMG_2947 IMG_290222 IMG_294622 issada 2