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THE LIFE: Librans are likable, charming, intelligent and easygoing. Winning people over quickly is a Libran speciality! The Libran symbol is the scales – and for most Librans, balance and moderation comes naturally. Non-confrontational, reasonable, and able to see both sides, Librans are excellent mediators and wonderful partners, but are content alone too.

THE LOOK: One of the most feminine signs, Librans can wear pink tones with ease; try a pink lip with a neutral or soft metallic eye. Alternatively, opalescent shades look great on Librans – think blue, turquoise, and anything with a shimmery finish!

ISSADA COCKTAIL HOUR: Rosemary Greyhound

Our latest blog series brings you signature Issada cocktail recipes that are inspired by the organic botanical and herb extracts we source from around the globe. Today’s episode of Issada Cocktail Hour brings you a Rosemary Greyhound.


You Will Need:

Rosemary Simple Syrup

• 2 cups of water
• 2 cups of sugar
• 6 sprigs of rosemary


• 2 ounces vodka
• ½ ounce rosemary simple syrup
• 4 ounces grapefruit juice
• sprig of rosemary to garnish


Simple Syrup: Dissolve the sugar into the water in a saucepan for 5 minutes but keep heat low to medium so that the mixture doesn’t crystallize. Remove from heat and steep rosemary springs in the syrup solution for at least an hour – and chill until cold.

Cocktail: Fill a tall glass with ice and fill with vodka, rosemary simple syrup, and grapefruit juice. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.


Issada xo




Issada is the Official Makeup Partner of Brisbane Fashion Month! We are proud to be a part of this incredible new series of events for Brisbane and Queensland fashion.

Check out these fantastic images from our launch photoshoot for the Brisbane Fashion Month campaign featuring Porsche Brisbane, on location under the Story Bridge.

The signature Issada lips on for the shoot were created using Ultimate Lip Liner in Hot Tamale and Luxury Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet Red – and as always our model’s flawless complexion comes courtesy of Issada’s Pharmaceutical Grade, micronized Minerals. 

Stay tuned for behind the scenes of more Brisbane Fashion Month events, with makeup exclusively by Issada. 

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THE LIFE: Virgos are notorious perfectionists with unparalleled attention to detail. They’re composed, refined, and intelligent. As an earth sign, Virgos are grounded, practical and methodical. Keen observers, Virgos can come across as a little cool or stand-offish – but they are usually just taking in all the details, analysing their surroundings. Virgoan #Gems are unfailingly loyal friends and definitely the first to call in a crisis – they’ll come armed with a 10-step action plan and put it into motion!

THE LOOK: Aesthetics are very important to a Virgo! A flawless complexion with sculpted cheeks is a cornerstone, and soft earthy tones like browns and taupes are perfect alongside ladylike pinks and nudes. Application is key – no gritty textures, smudginess or undone edges here. Classic Virgo beauty is perfectly defined, blended and smooth.

MEET THE TEAM: Alex Vickery, Digital Marketing Coordinator



Q: Take us through your job – what does a day in your life look like?

AV: It’s completely different every day, which I love. A typical day could include writing press releases for our products to send to media, copywriting for the website, blog, and the backs of our product boxes, and other marketing collateral, shooting flat lays and creating artwork and post concepts for our social media platforms, naming and helping Fiona develop the strategy for new products, shooting videos, responding to social media enquiries, and posting on our social media platforms. I am also a makeup artist so from time to time you might also find me working alongside the creative team backstage at a runway show or on set. I am based in Los Angeles this year – so I’m also integrating the Hollywood part of our brand story into our social media more and more. A lot of people may not know that Issada first found fame on Hollywood movie sets and our brushes have been used on everyone from Beyonce to Kate Winslet.


Q: What attracted you to the Issada brand initially?

AV: I was in waiting in line for my local cinemas on Oxford Street, Bulimba, and spotted the brand new Issada Concept Store (I think it had been open for 2 days). I was so excited to see a new makeup store right in my suburban neighbourhood, that I abandoned the movie line and walked straight in. I was a makeup junkie and had never seen anything like the products. The textures, colours, the packaging and the stunning store layout had me completely intrigued. At the time, Fiona was in the store by herself working and I remember absolutely bombarding her with questions. I was about 17 or 18 at the time and had problem skin that I was trying everything to fix – I had JUST discovered mineral makeup, so when Fiona told me Issada was mineral and designed to treat and improve skin – I couldn’t believe my ears. Apparently my excitement and enthusiasm were visible and contagious, because we exchanged details and the next week I had a job with Issada in the Concept Store. I worked there during my degree, and then when I graduated I started doing PR and marketing for the company. I worked in magazines and for PR agencies for a few years in between, but always kept in close contact with Fiona and in 2012 I came back – so I’ve now worked with Fiona on and off (mainly on!) for the last 10 years.


Q: What is it that’s kept you here for all these years?

AV: A genuine, wholehearted passionate belief in the Issada brand and what it stands for. As I’ve been around since it began, you could say I’m pretty invested! I just love it. The relationship I have with Fiona and the loyalty there – I can’t imagine ever not working with her. Fiona is like family to me at this point, we have eachother’s backs and we can pretty much read eachother’s minds and finish eachother’s sentences. I also love the variety and being able to utilize my different skills in so many different ways – Fiona has always worked with me to tailor my role to bring out my strengths and she is incredibly supportive of all my pursuits – what’s not to love?


Q: If you could only take 3 Issada products to a desert island, what would they be and why?


  • DEFINITELY the Mineral CC8 Cream in Autumn. It will give me hydration, sun protection, redness reducing and skin brightening properties, and generous coverage to even out my skin-tone in case any handsome rescuers come to my aid.
  • Mineral Baked Velvet in Earth. I would use this to lightly contour and bronze my cheekbones, forehead, nose, jawline and eyelids. I don’t feel like me without a bit of a face sculpting! At a pinch I could use some Earth wet as a bronzey lip colour.
  • Ultimate Lipliner in Elixir. I am a serial lip-liner. I can’t live without it. It was a tough call for this third one between brows and lips, but my brows are pretty full so I think I’d just let them run wild, go for untamed island Brooke Shields 80s vibes and have my lips instead!

Q: What is your favourite thing about your job?

AV: Helping develop, test and name new products, and figuring out how to describe them to media and customers in a way that does them justice! It’s such a fun challenge.


Q: What does it take to be a good marketing coordinator?

AV: You need to be really creative and think outside the box. You definitely need to know your brand inside out, and be fluent in your brand’s tone, philosophy, brand values, mission statement and language – you’re actually helping create this language and managing how it translates to consumers. You have to have a solid and constantly evolving understanding of the marketing mix, and stay up to date with the latest media and social media trends. You also need to understand your customers and audience, speak to your demographic, and be constantly dreaming up new ideas. A marketing or communications degree is also pretty essential.


Q: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to work for Issada?

AV: First, get the necessary qualifications and experience. Research the brand, learn the products, ingredients and formulas. Have a can-do attitude. It sounds cliché, but you wouldn’t believe how valuable that actually is. Diversify your skill set and be prepared to multi-task! If you’re in the store you’re not just a retail assistant. You may find yourself visual merchandising, doing VIPs. If you’re on the creative team, you may find yourself taking snaps backstage and answering questions from film crews. If you’re in training and education, you may have to film videos and be on camera – and the list goes on. Write an amazing cover letter that demonstrates your personality, what you bring to the table and your passion for the Issada brand. We also take very selective interns, so there’s another way to get your foot in the door.


Q: What is your go-to, never fail, favourite makeup look?

AV: A flawless complexion, strong contour and highlight, full brow, an earthy eye with a false lash and a full nude lip, and an emphasized beauty mark. Just classic 90s supermodel glamour. That’s when I have plenty of time to get ready! My 10 minute makeup look is much more fresh faced! It involves CC8 Cream, Protein Mascara, the Mineral Lip and Cheek Cream in Mango Frappe on cheeks and lips – and not much else!


Q: You have spent a lot of time in the Bulimba community – name your second favourite store on Oxford Street (after Issada of course) and your favourite restaurant?

SF: My favourite store on Oxford Street is Frankie & The Fox and my favourite restaurant is The Jetty.


Q: Take us through your skincare regime?

AV: My essentials are:

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Elemis Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment

Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub

ASAP Clearskin Gel

ASAP Daily 50+ Moisturiser


Q: What’s the number one most FAQ from customers on social media

AV: We get a lot of overseas enquiries, often from Aussie expats who fell in love with the brand at home and then moved to the US or the UK or Europe, asking how they can get their products shipped internationally to them, because we don’t sell online. We also get random international enquiries all the time – everywhere from South Africa to the Middle East!


Q: Who is your number one celebrity beauty icon and why?

AV: I am such a mixed bag, I can’t choose one. My beauty icons are Cindy Crawford, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Kardashian. I am also loving Bella Hadid lately.


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THE LIFE: Leo women are fearless and powerful – just like their spirit animal, the lion. A fire sign, Leo #Gems are bold, determined, courageous and magnetic. The softer side of Leo sees her as a fiercely loyal and protective friend or partner who would do anything for loved ones.

THE LOOK: Big hair and bold, feline flicked eyeliner work in synergy with Leo’s cat-like energy and they wear fiery shades of orange and red on lips and nails to perfection.



Issada may have been born in Brisbane but believe it or not – our brand grew up in Hollywood! It was on A-list film and TV sets (when the mineral makeup colour collection was but a twinkle in our CEO/Founder Fiona’s eye!) that Issada’s Couture Brush Set really started to command global attention, being used on celebrities like Beyonce, J-Lo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and many others.

Our very own marketing coordinator/LA tour guide Alex has been working abroad from the City of Angels, so she knows her way around town – but not before she was put through her paces. Someone had to take on the tough job of eating, drinking, swimming, shopping, staying and playing their way around one of the world’s most glamorous cities to bring you the best of the best!

Over the next couple of months, Alex will bring you her must-visit hot spots from different areas around Los Angeles, this time – Malibu.

Not many places exemplify California-living more than Malibu – the famous haven for A-list celebrities who crave ocean views, privacy and an escape from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

The scenery is postcard-perfect: the rocky Malibu hills provide a dramatic contrast against the Pacific Ocean and are dotted with some of the most luxurious properties in Los Angeles.

Cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and visit any one of the beautiful beaches, restaurants, and attractions Malibu has to offer, or drive up into the hills and find local wineries and incredible views.




The best sushi in LA, right on the Pacific Ocean. It’s rare to visit Nobu and NOT spot a celebrity. Ultra sleek and exclusive, Nobu’s frequent VIPs include The Kardashians, Harry Styles, Drake and more. Outside tables on the ocean deck get snapped up quickly, so make a reservation a few days in advance to secure a comfy lounge area right on the water.

Nobu: 22706 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265


ISSADA APPROVES: Mastro’s Ocean Club


It’s a fabulous steak restaurant, but the food is almost outshone by the phenomenal cocktail list – our pick is the Dream Berry, which comes out smoking with dry ice (Mastro’s sell 19,000 of these a year, so they must be doing something right)! Another must-try is the signature Mastro’s butter cake – just trust us. The carpark, bordered by a picturesque rocky cliff into the ocean, can be easily converted with the addition of some cabanas, lounges and marquees, into an adjoining outdoor function space perfect for 4th July parties and exclusive invite-only soirees. The position of Mastro’s is ideal for a sunset – to the left you can see towards Santa Monica and to the right, along the coast of Malibu.

Maestros Ocean Club: 18412 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265




One of the cleanest beaches in LA, Zuma’s wide sands, excellent surf, volleyball courts, surfers, kiteboarders and quintessential Californian lifeguard towers has made it a favourite location of Baywatch and countless other TV shows and movies. Come to Zuma for the classic Malibu beach experience.

Zuma Beach: 30000 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA


ISSADA APPROVES: Malibu Country Mart

malibu-country-martMalibu-Country-Mart0 MA-exterior-full-view_zoom

Just a stones throw from the ocean is Malibu Country Mart, where you’ll find upscale boutiques, art galleries and great dining. Find some hot new specs or sunnies at uber trendy Oliver Peoples, or the perfect Malibu coast-chic outfit from Planet Blue, Gypsy05, Ralph Lauren or Wildfox. Find some flawlessly curated treasures, new and old, at Malibu Vintage – including fine jewellery celeb-fave Mary Millicent.

Malibu Country Mart: 3835 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90265




A boutique luxury hotel with only 47 rooms, Malibu Beach Inn is right in the middle of Malibu’s famous strip of waterfront real estate known as ‘Billionaire’s Beach’ – you can imagine why. Beautifully appointed, with amazing views and sunsets, gourmet dining and fabulous onsite spa services.

Malibu Beach Inn: 22878 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265


ISSADA APPROVES: Malibu Wine Safaris


A vineyard nestled in the scenic Malibu Hills – with one big difference: its on a 1000 acre ranch inhabited by zebras, camels, giraffes, alpacas and bison which guests can meet and even hand-feed! Where else could you enjoy an animal safari, gastrononmic delights and wine tasting, all in the same place?!

Malibu Wine Safaris: 32111 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu, CA


ISSADA APPROVES: Getty Villa / Getty Museum

gtc_2013-07-26wald0003_hero_lrg Aerial_Getty_Museum

When his personal home gallery ran out of space, oil magnate John Paul Getty built The Getty Villa, just down the hill from the Pacific Palisades estate he shared with wife Talitha, a bohemian style icon of the 1960s. The Getty Villa houses an amazing collection of ancient Greek and Roman antiquities – but relics aside, exploring the house and grounds alone is a visual treat – so many photo ops!

The Getty Museum is perched high on a hill (you can only access it by a cute cliffside tram) a little more inland from the coastline, but its panoramic 360 views from Malibu all the way around to Hollywood and beyond make it a must-see on the way back from Malibu into Los Angeles. Once you’ve finished marvelling at the sweeping views, check out several wings of gallery heaven – find everything from Italian Renaissance, French Impressionist to modern photographic works.

Getty Villa: 17985 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Getty Museum: 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049


Photo by Dave Blake Photographer -

We’re thrilled to present to you our final campaign image (above) from the Polo Los Loosa 2016 photoshoot, shot by Dave Blake. As Official Makeup Partner of Polo Los Loosa – Issada will be seeing you on the green in 2016! And check out our behind the scenes snaps from the shoot below!



Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.36.05 PM

The Gemstone: Ruby

The Life: Cancers are kind, generous and love to please, but are ruled by emotions and the moon, so they can be moody occasionally! This also means they have an enormous amount of empathy for others. Cancerian Gems thrive in comfortable, calm and stable environments.

The look: Be inspired by the moon and the sea – think dreamy silvers, sea foam, turquoise and coral. Luminous and radiant textures are perfect for Cancerian Gems, so go for glow!


Lavendar Cocktail

Our latest blog series brings you signature Issada cocktail recipes that are inspired by the organic botanical and herb extracts we source from around the globe. We’re kicking things off in episode one of Issada Cocktail Hour with a Lavender Martini.

You will need:

Cocktail Shaker

Martini Glass



1 shot (45mls) vanilla vodka

15mls fresh lemon juice

7mls Lavender Syrup

1 fresh lavender sprig to garnish

Directions: Fill your cocktail shaker with ice. Pour all ingredients in and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with the lavender sprig


Issada xo