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THE LIFE: Virgos are notorious perfectionists with unparalleled attention to detail. They’re composed, refined, and intelligent. As an earth sign, Virgos are grounded, practical and methodical. Keen observers, Virgos can come across as a little cool or stand-offish – but they are usually just taking in all the details, analysing their surroundings. Virgoan #Gems are unfailingly loyal friends and definitely the first to call in a crisis – they’ll come armed with a 10-step action plan and put it into motion!

THE LOOK: Aesthetics are very important to a Virgo! A flawless complexion with sculpted cheeks is a cornerstone, and soft earthy tones like browns and taupes are perfect alongside ladylike pinks and nudes. Application is key – no gritty textures, smudginess or undone edges here. Classic Virgo beauty is perfectly defined, blended and smooth.

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