HOW TO: Glittery feline eyeliner


Traditional feline eyeliner gets a glittery makeover! Here’s how:

  1. Apply a feline flick with Issada Indelible Gel Liner in Onyx
  2. Draw a second line just above it using Issada Ultimate Eyeliner in Diamond. Apply liberally.
  3. Then, before gel-pencil sets completely, press some silver glitter from the Issada Limited Edition Starlet Collection Mineral Pressed Glitter Palette in Crystalline over the top with a #3 Brush.
  4. Apply 2 coats of Isssada Mineral Lash Sculpt in Carbon
  5. Finally – false lashes are an absolute must for this look. We love Issada Luxe Lashes in Va Va Voom!


Issada xo

BAKED SKIN TREATS: Good enough to eat

SKIN TREATS: These gelato inspired delights look good enough to eat, and with an ingredients list from green tea to lavender and thyme – they almost are!



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The Gemstone: Emerald

The Life: Taurean Gems are practical, reliable and no-nonsense. They make great friends as they’re always there in a pinch, with real-world problem solving advice. They are ambitious, determined independent – and definitely have a stubborn streak. Taureans have exquisite taste and appreciate luxury and quality.

The Look: As an earth sign, Taurus does earthy colors to perfection, and they look best in classic, unfussy beauty looks. Heavy, dramatic eye makeup is too much for the elegant and effortless Taurean, but green is a secret weapon. Emerald, moss and olive on eyes provide a sultry, but still subtle glamour. Shades of mauve on eyes, lips and nails are a Taurean beauty staple.