BEHIND THE SCENES: Manning Cartell x Commonwealth Bank

Check out our behind-the-scenes action from backstage at last week’s Manning Cartell runway show for Commonwealth Bank, hosted and compered by super stylist Di Cant. The Issada Creative team collaborated with the Australian design duo as their exclusive makeup partner for this fabulous event. The brief? Luminous & natural. No makeup-makeup at its finest! To get the look with Issada you will need:

CC8 Cream
Mineral Loose Foundation Powder
Luminiser Stick in Pearl
Mineral Baked Eyeshadow in Sugar
Mineral Baked Blush in Champagne Diamond

Baked Velvet in Sand
Baked Velvet in Earth
Ultimate Eyeliner in Mythology
Protein Mascara in Onyx

Luxury Lipstick in Goddess

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Carla Zampatti Book Launch

As part of Bond University’s Entrepreneurial Women Leadership Series, Australian fashion icon Carla Zampatti launched her new book ‘My Life, My Look’ to Queensland followers at a stunning marquee lunch and runway parade at Victoria Park Golf Complex – with makeup by her go-to glam team at Issada, as always! Hosted by super-stylist Di Cant, the show featured Carla’s latest collection and some unique archive pieces. Fitting – as she celebrates the 50th anniversary of her enduring fashion house in Australia. Proceeds from this fabulous event raised money for international charity Same Sky, offering practical support to HIV positive women who have survived the Rwandan genocide.

The official Carla Zampatti ‘My Life, My Look’ face chart with all product details to get the look is coming soon!





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THE LIFE: Scorpio women can be passionate, wild and emotional. Scorpios typically possess a strong, magnetic and dominant energy that attracts other A-type personalities who can go toe-to-toe.

THE LOOK: With their powerful aura, Scorpios pull off vampy, sultry, edgy looks with ease. Play up your eyes with a rich and intense brown smokey eye, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a bold lip. Scorpios can handle both (even at the same time)!